The Epistemology section is traditionally linked to the studies of Logic, Philosophy of Sciences, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind-Language and the Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences (fostering the GECOS University Center for Cognitive Sciences). It has kept strict connections with other research  fields at the University of Genoa, with  Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics but also with Philosophy of Law and with the IIT Research Center.  It is connected with the cognitive-epistemological part of the Master in Philosophy (Laurea Magistrale in Metodologie filosofiche) and it supports a Section of the Library of Philosophy.

The Epistemology section has supported for many years, since its beginning in 1985, the PhD program in Philosophy of Science, before its fusion with a general PhD Program in Philosophy in 2001.  The PhD program in Philosophy of Science has eventually merged with other programs as a subsection (Mind, science and language) of the PhD Philosophy with the Universities of North-Western Italy (FINO: North West Philosophy  Consortium), founded in 2013.

Members of the Research group are editors of the Journal Epistemologia and promoted other journals like Swif-Networks and Argumenta (a new Journal in Philosophy forthcoming in 2015)

People in the Epistemology Program have connections with many Research Centers and Departments in US (Stanford, Pittsburgh, New York…) and Europe (Barcelona, Istambul, London, ¬†Louvain, Hertfordshire, Heidelberg, Konstanz, Norwich, Oxford, Paris…) and all main Italian Universities. We¬†invited many colleagues across the world to give lectures and seminars in Genoa (Robert Brandom, Manuel Garcia Carpintero, Michael Dummett, Alvin Goldman, Mikael Karlsson, Ruth Millikan, Alva N√∂e, David Papineau,¬†John Perry, Mark Sainsbury, Imre Toth, Achille Varzi, Edward N. Zalta ….).



The friendly environment promotes collaboration among researchers and students and is
intended also to foster the attitude for public discussion and argumentation


[see the old pages of Epistemologia 1997-2014]