The Department of Philosophy has organised different PhD Programs since 1985, often with the support of other Universities in Italy and abroad. Since 2013 Philosophers in Genoa have organised a PhD program in Philosophy with the North Western Universities in Italy (Pavia, Torino, Vercelli), with the name of FINO (FIlosofia del Nor Ovest).

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We list below some  Universities where  PhD students spent part of their period of study, or with which we had some formal or informal agreement of collaboration:
Barcelona (Spain),¬†Berkeley¬†(California),¬†¬†Berlin¬†(Germany);¬†¬†Budapest¬†(Hungary),¬†¬†Columbia¬†(New York), Donostia (Basc Countires),¬†Dusseldorf¬†(Germany),¬†London:¬†King’s College;¬†Birkbek College;¬†University College¬†(United Kingdom); Konstanz¬†(Germany), York (United Kingdom);¬†Lovanio¬†(Belgium);¬†Mainz¬†(Germany);¬†Morris¬†(Minnesota);¬†Muenchen¬†(Germany);¬†¬†Notre Dame¬†(Indiana);¬†Nottingham ¬†(United Kingdom); Parigi:¬†Jean Nicod, –¬†Paris VIII¬†(France);¬†Pittburgh¬†(US, Pennsylvania), Pittsburgh-Carnegie Mellon¬†(US, Pennsylvania);¬†Reading¬†(United Kingdom); Reykjavik¬†(Iceland),¬†Salamanca¬†(Spain);¬†Stanford¬†(US, California),¬†Tucson¬†(US, Arizona),¬†Tubingen¬†(Germany).

We give below a list of the old PhD programs of the Department of Philosophy from 1985 until 2013:


Filosofia della scienza  1985 -2000 Consortium with  the Universities of Bologna, Firenze, Milano (Statale), Trento (founded by Evandro Agazzi)
Filosofia  until 2000 Consortium with the University of Torino, coordinate by Flavio Baroncelli.
Teoresi e storiografia filosofica  until  2000 PhD program of the Department of Philosophy
Filosofia ¬†2001- 2007 Fusion of the three above mentioned ¬†PhD programs in Philosophy and of a fourth one (PhD program in “Filosofia, Storia¬†della Filosofia, Estetica,¬†Storia¬† Critica delle Idee Europee”). [*]
Corso di filosofia  2007- 2013 curriculum of the  Doctoral School in Human Science (i) with two directions (i) logic and epistemology (ii) philosophy and history of ethical, aesthetical and religious ideas.

[*] A curious remark. After having been compelled to collapse four different PhD programs into one, philosophers received a strong criticism: their new PhD program in Philosophy was “too general”.

Some Teaching examples of the Old PhD Program (coordinated by Carlo Penco and Angelo Campodonico):
2006: ¬†— ¬†2007: ¬†¬†—¬†2008: ¬†